Our principal objective is that clients invest the least time possible in planification and manufacture of their products, providing, in the precise moment, the product already finish and ready to be regenerated by heat and wraped with aluminium foil; and the guarantee of being connected with high professionals.
The ability to satisfy the expectations of our clients is our daily challenge.
The client can contact us by telephone or any other possible way (fax, email).
The orders will be done weekly and our deadline will be of 24/48 hours for the Community of Madrid and 48/72 hours for the rest of Spain. Since the day after the reception of the order (see Canary and Balearic Islands).
Concept of Service
The domestic Cooking is changing it’s ways, but not until the point of stop being “homemade”. To Innovate is our constant objective and for that reason we provided our kitchens with suitable machinery.
This permit us to adjust ourselves to the moment we are living and to the client’s demand. And also, offer them recipes and dishes essential for the food industry activity with a high quality and an excellent appearance.
In one word, we wish to offer to the clients an innovated quality service, based on professionalism and vanguards.
In the NEW AROTELL MEALS, innovations combines with professionalism
Customers loyalty due to or quality, prices and services
Guarantee of convenience and profitability of time
Food Safety
Support of a qualify team
Constant extension of our services; ask what you need
Pre-cooked dishes that seems freshly baked