Our target is to develop a Central Cooking to obtain ready cooked meals (refrigerated or frozen food) giving a high quality service to our clients, based basically on the following concepts:
> Different formats for catering, hotels, communities, food industry activity...
> Already Cooked Products, only regenerated by heat
> Already divided cool Products that doesnít need heat
> A fast and effective Service up to our times
> Cost reductions, wastage of products, ready cooked meal
> Reduction of cost supplies (electricity, gas, raw materials, oils...)
A business compromised in offer global solutions to itís clients:
  • Staff References
  • Fast and effective delivery. Ready Cooked meals and storage
  • Time Profitability. Delivery to specify address
  • Reduction of costs, wastage of products
  • Control of Critical Points (CCP) and microbiological test of each reference
  • Savings in kitchen staff expenditures; need in assembling staff
  • [High rentability for our clients, due to our top internal and external resorts]